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Registration of citizenship of Ukraine,

the process is interesting and requires very good legal training and experience to formalize it as soon as possible. The specialists of “Migrant Service” know how to do this. Compared with a temporary residence permit or a permanent residence permit , the citizenship of Ukraine is the highest level for a foreign citizen or a stateless person who wants to reside permanently in Ukraine.

Our company provides a complex of legal services for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship and will save you from bureaucratic barriers along the way.

What are the grounds for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship?

The Law “On Citizenship of Ukraine” clearly regulates the grounds for acquiring citizenship by foreigners and stateless persons. Here are the main ones:

  • As a result of adoption;
  • When marrying a citizen / citizen of Ukraine;
  • As a result of the restoration of citizenship
  • According to the territorial origin .;
  • By birth;
  • As a result of the establishment of guardianship and trusteeship over the child;
  • If both parents of a child are citizens of Ukraine;
  • Recognition of the fact of paternity or maternity
  • Other grounds provided for by international treaties

Consult the “Migrant Service” consultants to get a free consultation on all possible grounds for obtaining the citizenship of Ukraine, as well as cost and timing.


When submitting an application, the following documents are required:

  1. Passport document or document that replaces it and certifies the identity, and a document certifying the residence of an alien in the territory of Ukraine (residence permit) (if necessary, a notarized translation of the passport into Ukrainian is provided)
  2. A receipt for payment of a state fee or a document confirming the basis for exemption from payment (disability of groups I or II)
  3. According to paragraph 45 of the Procedure for Proceeding on Applications and Representations Concerning the Issues of Ukrainian Citizenship and the Implementation of Decisions, for the adoption of the citizenship of Ukraine, the person submits the following documents:
    • application for admission to Ukrainian citizenship (in duplicate);
    • three photographs (size 35 x 45 mm);
    • obligation to terminate foreign citizenship. Foreigners who are citizens of states, international treaties of Ukraine with which provide for the termination by citizens of the citizenship of these states simultaneously with the acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship, file an application for changing citizenship;
    • a copy of the document confirming the receipt of an immigration permit to Ukraine;
    • one of the following documents:
      • a document on the possession of the state language or its understanding in an amount sufficient for communication that is issued in Ukraine by the head of an educational institution, a local executive body of Ukraine or an executive body of local self-government;
      • a copy of the certificate or an extract from the diploma record sheet – for a person who has a document on the completion of the institution with the study of the Ukrainian language;
      • a document confirming disability – for a person with physical disabilities (blindness, deafness, dumbness);
    • a document on the existence of legal sources of existence during the last six months at the time of submission of the application for acceptance into the citizenship of Ukraine.
  4. According to paragraph 49-1 of the above procedure, an alien together with the application for the citizenship of Ukraine submits a document issued by the authorized body of the foreign state on the absence of grounds in the presence of which the person is not accepted into the citizenship of Ukraine (a document stating that the person in the territory of a foreign the state did not commit serious or particularly serious crimes, crimes against humanity and did not carry out genocide).

This provision does not apply to persons who have been granted refugee status in Ukraine or asylum in Ukraine.

The time for consideration of an application for acceptance into Ukrainian citizenship is not more than one year. For a person who has been granted refugee status in Ukraine or asylum in Ukraine, the period for consideration of an application should not exceed 9 months.

The next step in the adoption of the citizenship of Ukraine is to obtain a certificate of registration of a citizen of Ukraine, which is the basis for processing and issuing a passport of a citizen of Ukraine. Obtaining a certificate of registration by a citizen of Ukraine provides for applying to the territorial unit of the State Migration Service at the place of residence of the applicant with a relevant application, a receipt for payment of state duty, two photographs measuring 35 x 45 mm. A passport document or a document that replaces it and certifies the identity and a document certifying the alien’s residence in the territory of Ukraine (residence permit) is also provided (if necessary, a notarized translation of the passport into Ukrainian is provided).

More detailed information on the simplified scheme for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship for foreigners you will be told by our specialists at a preliminary free consultation