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Temporary Residence permit is the document that proves the identity of a foreigner or a stateless person and certifies that its holder has legal grounds to reside temporarily in the territory of Ukraine. This document usually remains valid during one year from the date of issue.

Ukraine e visa
Temporary residence permit based on a work permit in Ukraine
private invitation Ukraine
Temporary residence permit based on marriage with Ukrainian
Temporary residence permit on the basis of family reunification with foreigners legally residing on the territory of Ukraine
admission in Ukraine
Temporary residence permit based on a Study in Ukraine


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  • Employment in Ukraine
  • Family reunification, where one of the spouses is a citizen of Ukraine
  • Family reunification, where one of its members (a spouse or children) has a temporary residence permit in Ukraine
  • Implementing the international technical assistance project
  • Working in a religious organization
  • Working in offices and branches of foreign organizations, companies or banks
  • Cultural, educational, scientific and volunteer activity
  • Working as a correspondent or representative of a foreign media
  • Education

Not. The visa-free regime of entry applies only to citizens of Ukraine who have a biometric passport.

The statutory period of validity of a residence permit is 1 year, there are exceptions to this rule, for example, a temporary residence permit can be issued for period of validity of work permit from 1 month to 3 years, or for a period of studying of a foreign citizen at  educational institution in Ukraine.


Your spouse can obtain a temporary residence permit on the basis of your residence permit. Children under 5 years fit in with your residence permit, children from 5 to 16 years fit into your residence permit and their photo will be attached. Children older than 16 years are issued a separate residence permit on the basis of the residence permit of one of the parents.
Residence permits for spouses and children over 16 years of age are issued for the duration of the parents’ permit


The temporary residence permit does not give an unconditional right to work in Ukraine. When you register for any job you will have to get a work permit.

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After obtaining a residence permit, you can register as a private entrepreneur.
However, you can enjoy the benefits of a simplified taxation system and pay a single tax can only after obtaining the resident status of Ukraine.

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