Immigartion UA  provides legal assistance of registration of marriage of foreigners with citizens of Ukraine for further acquiring of temporary residence permit in Ukraine as well as marriage of foreigners with persons who have permanent residence permit for further quick acquiring of permanent residence permit in Ukraine.

In Ukraine a marriage can be registered in  the Civil Registry Offices (ZAGS, RATS). According to the provisions of the Family Code of Ukraine, a marriage shall be registered after submission of the declaration of intention to marry to one of such offices.

Immigration UA  assist to register your marriage in Ukraine as easy as possible. You can rely on our legal support of contracting a marriage within certain time frames and without any problem and be sure to receive marriage certificate with all parts of your name written and translated in due and correct form. We’ll prepare the full package of documents required for marriage registration to be submitted to the Civil Registry Office of Ukraine..

Marriage to a foreigner is not just a lovely ceremony, guests and a restaurant. For everything to be formal it is necessary to prepare a number of documents. If you are about to cast your lot with a foreigner, you should think in a good time about how he would stay legally on the territory of Ukraine. Short-stay visa might not be enough since processing may take months to collect documents and stand in line. Furthermore, even after marriage it is required to obtain residence permit in our country. At first, all these things look rather confusing and complicated. Especially if you have no experience in such matters and do not know a thing about the Ukrainian legislation.

Immigration UA   pleased to help you to address these matters. Approaching us you can forget about all difficulties and get all scheduled things done within the shortest time possible. We will not only tell you how to make a marriage to a foreigner but also will execute the documents for his/her legal stay.


Registration of a Marriage with a Foreigner/Citizen

The list of documents for foreign citizens includes:

Passport valid for at least 1 year ;

Passport translated into the Ukrainian language, and then notarized,

Original or certified copy of divorce decree (if applicable) properly authenticated in the country of residence. This document must be presented only by individuals who have been previously married. It may be represented by a Divorce Decree, Certificate of Death of one of the spouses, or a certified copy of the Court Judgment annulling the marriage. The representing document must be properly authenticated / legalized for use in Ukraine. Legalization of the document will involve an Apostle or Consular Legalization, depending on a country of origin,

A legalized document on individual current marital status – Letter of Non-Impediment to Marriage. Such document can be provided by the Embassy Consulate of your native country in Ukraine.

All documents require state approved translations and must be notarized.

Upon filing all above documents to the Division of Vital Records a date for registration of marriage is appointed. On this date you will become a wedded husband and a wife.

What Does a Foreigner Need to Obtain a Residence Permit?

Residence permit (RP) is a document granting the right to a foreigner – non-citizen of Ukraine to stay in the country, study and work.

Temporary RP should be renewed annually. The procedure remains the same, as well as the list of required documents. Only upon 2-year living in our country a foreigner can apply for a permanent residence permit and after that he/she may think even about citizenship.

Please, take notice if a foreigner marries in Ukraine a stateless person with a permanent residence permit, he has the right for obtaining RP as well. However, to become a citizen it is necessary to live at least 5 years.

Document required to get temporary residence permit:

  • A passport with copies and D visa;
  • An application form for temporary RP;
  • Health insurance;
  • Receipt on payment of state duty or a tax-relieving reference;
  • Four 3.5 x 4.5 cm photos on matte paper;
  • Copy of ID code reference (if any);
  • A Marriage Certificate

Our advantages in marriage registration:

  • Registration of marriage within 24 hour;
  • Minimum required documents (no additional certificates from embassies etc);
  • Unlawful stay of a foreigner within the territory of Ukraine may serve the ground for refusal to register the marriage;
  • Actions plan: entry to the territory of Ukraine, celebration of marriage, departure from the territory of Ukraine, D visa processing, entry to the territory of Ukraine, obtainment of RP;
  • Phase-by-phase payment of services – 50% prior to commencement of works, 50% on the day of RP obtainment (for Premium package);
  • In case of refusal to issue D visa paid money for support for D visa obtainment is paid back;


24 Hour Marriage Registration Service in Ukraine