24-Hour Marriage Service in Ukraine

Ukrainian Ministry of Justice launched 24-hour marriage registration service in major Ukrainian cities. The Justice Minister of Ukraine admitted that the pilot speedy marriage centers have proven to be a success, and now this service will be spread all over Ukraine.

1-day marriage registration were initially available in Kyiv, Oddesa, Lviv, Kherson, Mariupol, and Severodonetsk. Starting from Janury 2017, this procedure can also be used in Vinnytsya, Dnipro, Lutsk, Mykolayiv, Rivne, Kamyanets-Podil’skyy, Zhytomyr and Kharkiv. Citizens in Ukraine had to file an application at least 30 days before their desirable date to register the marriage. The new law allows people in certain locations to cut this time from 1 month to 1 day. Cutting down the waiting times for prospective newlyweds is apparently seen as more modern by Ukrainian Government.

Time frames for registering marriage involving foreign citizens are the same as for Ukrainian citizens, but keep in mind, that the term of validity of documents issued in non-Ukrainian state establishments is only six months.

The set of documents for foreign citizens, who want to register their marriage in Ukraine is pretty much the same as it used to be before, with the exception that all documents must be translated to Ukrainian language and those translations must be notarized.
The list of documents for foreign citizens includes passport valid for at least 1 year – translated into the Ukrainian language, and then notarized, original or certified copy of divorce decree (if applicable) properly authenticated in the country of residence. This document must be presented only by individuals who have been previously married. It may be represented by a Divorce Decree, Certificate of Death of one of the spouses, or a certified copy of the Court Judgment annulling the marriage. The representing document must be properly authenticated / legalized for use in Ukraine. Legalization of the document will involve an Apostle or Consular Legalization, depending on a country of origin, a legalized document on individual current marital status – Letter of Non-Impediment to Marriage. Such document can be provided by the Embassy Consulate of your native country in Ukraine. All documents require state approved translations and must be notarized.

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