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Residence Registration



Registration of residence is an important step when moving to a new residence place. Registration is required for both citizens of Ukraine and foreigners who permanently or temporarily live here. Residence registration will be also needed when you draw up documents such as a passport or residence permit.

Registration is compulsory. Under the law, after you have cancelled residence registration at your former address, or come to Ukraine for permanent or temporary residence, you have thirty days to register your residence place. Staying in Ukraine without residence registration causes legal responsibility in a form of a fine. A special stamp in your residence permit is a confirmation of a proper residence registration. Any data regarding your place of residence is considered personal information; only you, your homeowner and public officer that registered your residence place.

How to make residence registration in Kyiv?

To register residence in Kyiv one must apply to the Center of administrative services providing of the district you are going to be registered in, and fill in an application. An example may be found at the very Center. The following documents are to be submitted as well:

  • Passport (for foreigners – temporary or permanent residence permit);
  • Birth certificate (for minors);
  • Bank receipt of paying state fee;
  • Documents confirming real estate ownership.

If you change your address in Ukraine, you have to cancel your former registration and make a new one. These actions can be made simultaneously.

If there are several co-owners of the apartment you are going to be registered at, you must submit their written notarized consents to your registration. As for timing, registry office has three working days to register your new place of residence.