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Service offer
1.11.18 Kyiv.

1. The offer is addressed to clients – legal entities and individuals.
2. The contract is considered concluded for an indefinite period from the moment of acceptance of the offer:
pay for services rendered or
receiving an acknowledgment of receipt by e-mail or on the site.
3. The terms of the services are agreed by the client with the executor:
by e-mail info@immigrationua.com
at immigrationua.com
4. Simplified taxation system.
5. Customers pay for services by cashless payment.
6. The executor and the clients do not sign the acts. Payment confirms the quality of services.
7. Customers independently draw up and transfer all necessary documents to the executor.
8. If the clients have not submitted the requested documents, the contract will terminate.
9. Correspondence by e-mail:
has the power of a simple electronic signature.
10. An executor has the right to advertise himself by telling about the services on his site.
11. Rights are not subject to action.
12. The pre-trial procedure for resolving disputes within 30 days is mandatory.

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