New regulations for “D” visa into Ukraine

New regulations for “D” visa into Ukraine

Procedure of getting Ukrainian Visa D simplified

Under new regulation for D Visa, foreigners from countries that have visa  free regime with Ukraine will not have to leave the territory of Ukraine to get a long-term visa (visa D).

Since June, 2019 Visa D will be issued at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Department of Consular Service) in Kyiv as well as at the Consulate of Ukraine abroad.
We kindly remind that Visa D is required for those foreigners who plan to get residency in Ukraine. Long-term visa is used for getting temporary and permanent residence permits.

The procedure of getting Visa D simplified only for those foreigners who plan to obtain temporary residence permit in Ukraine on the following grounds:

  • Employment;
  • Participation in the international technical assistance projects;
  • Employment at representative offices of foreign businesses in Ukraine;
  • Employment at branches or representative offices of foreign banks;
  • Implementation of cultural, scientific, educational activities on the grounds and in the manner prescribed by the international agreements of Ukraine or special programs,
  • Participation in the international and regional volunteer programs, or activities of voluntary organizations registered in Ukraine;
  • In case when foreigner is a founder or participant or beneficiary owner (controller) of a legal entity registered in Ukraine and whose share is not less than 100 thousand euros;
  • Education.

Unfortunately, simplification of procedure does not spread issuance of Visa ‘D‘ on the ground of reunification with family (foreigners who arrive to Ukraine for reunification either with persons who are Ukrainian nationals or foreigners who got temporary residence permit and are legally staying on the territory of Ukraine).

Visa fee under new rules

To issue a long-term visa without leaving Ukraine a foreigner will have to pay

  • 97 USD approximately  for ordinary visa process 
  • 194 USD Approximately For   upon urgent procedure

Time frames

Ordinary Visa –  10 business days,

Express Visa  – 5 business days.

Visa free  regime Countries with Ukraine:

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